MT Plus 80mm Professional Micro Skate Skates

MT Plus 80mm Professional Micro Skate Skates

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This skate is fully customizable according to each user's specific taste. It is a high-strength wide-body construction polypropylene boot that offers the perfect fit. Removable and adjustable cuff made of high-resistance polypropylene that allows you to adjust it for flexibility when skating.
With a large amount of side and bottom vents, this skate allows for a large amount of airflow keeping your foot dry while skating. Thick memory cotton lining removable and washable, good elasticity with soft cushioning. The liner also has a shock-absorbing pad beneath it.
Durable safety lock buckle and micro ratchet ankle strap. A large side protector that helps protect the skate from scratches and is easily replaceable. A lower profile design to lower the center of gravity with greater speed and maneuverability.

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