Micro MT4 Skates Flash Custom Professional Inline Skates

Micro MT4 Skates Flash Custom Professional Inline Skates

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MT4 Flash is an upgraded version of the original Micro MT. This Skates is fully customizable according to each user's specific taste. It has a polypropylene boot with a wider, high-resistance shape that offers the perfect fit.
Removable cuff in high-resistance polypropylene. With a large amount of side and bottom vents, this skate provides a certain amount of airflow to keep your foot dry while you skate. Removable and washable thick padded liner, with shock-absorbing pad underneath.

The MT plus has a hard safety lock buckle and a 45 degree velcro strap. A large replaceable side protector that helps you protect the boot shell from scratches. CNC Base High quality aluminum series with high quality and 4-wheel operation capability while maintaining a lower profile design to lower the center of gravity.

Abec5 SM Bearings

Supports up to 150kg

Modality: urban

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