Magnetic Darts Game

Magnetic Darts Game

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Magnetic Darts Game

Have fun with friends with this wonderful double-sided set of magnetic darts.
With it, your game will be very safe, as the darts have no tip and can be handled by children of any age.
Promote competitions between friends and family, making your meeting much more fun.
Elegant set consisting of 1 double-sided panel (two types of targets) and 4 tipless magnetic darts.
For dart game lovers, this set offers a complete and professional game. Ideal for any environment, including children, as there is no danger of getting hurt by the dart, and it also doesn't pierce the wall or floor when it misses the target.
Excellent finishing material.

Double Sided Target
Includes 4 magnetic darts

Dimensions: 31cm x 40cm
Packaging dimensions: 45x9
Packaging: Tube.
Total packed weight: 1 kg
Code 521

Included items
01 Panel;
04 Darts

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