4 Wheels 80mm 84a FILA NRK High Performance

4 Wheels 80mm 84a FILA NRK High Performance

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Fila NRK Urban Performance Wheel 80mm 84a
Fila NRK Urban Performance wheels are made from high-quality polyurethane that guarantee durability, adequate grip and speed. They are ideal for practicing specific disciplines, such as: slalom, urban and freestyle, or for those who want to skate for fun without giving up a differentiated technical performance.


- Ideal for fitness skating. and Urban
- Can be used outdoors and indoors.
- It has very good grip on any type of floor.
- Packaging with 4 units of wheels;
- Size: 80mm
- Hardness: 84a
- Thickness: 24mm

Another consideration that must be taken into account when choosing wheels is the hardness of the wheels. Harder wheels have less freedom of maneuver, but last longer than soft ones. Also take into account the size of your skates, as not all skates support all wheel sizes.

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