Power Eagle Helmet

Power Eagle Helmet

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An essential item on tours, trails and competitions, the Helmet guarantees the necessary protection for cyclists to pedal with peace of mind. Its modern design provides more comfort and safety, as it has adjustable straps. Its ventilation system has 10 air inlets.

Actions and benefits:
Protection against head trauma and brain injury
The most basic function of a helmet is to protect the cyclist's head against impacts caused by falling or hitting objects, which can result in serious trauma with lethal consequences.
Protection against cuts and abrasions
The equipment can also help a lot on trails with lots of trees, a situation in which hitting your head against a lower branch is quite common - without a helmet, this type of incident can easily cause cuts to the cyclist's head or even knock him down if a twig tie in hair
Improved aerodynamics
In many sports, the helmet also has the function of improving the cyclist's aerodynamics, as we can see in time trial events, where the helmet helps to direct the air flow across the cyclist's back.

Model: A77-C
Material: PVC and Foam
Has adjustable straps: Yes
Air inlet quantity: 10
External dimensions: 15 x 21 x 30 cm (ax W x c)
Internal dimensions: 17.5 x 21 cm (wxd)
Weight: 0.134 kg

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