Principais modalidades de Patinação

Main types of skating

We have a few different types of skating, some are well known and others are gaining ground, such as "Futins", which is basically futsal with skates on your feet.

Discover some modalities:

Figure Skating:

Practically the same as figure skating, basically dance movements very similar to ballet and in the competitions there are several different categories. Perfection in the execution of movements and creativity are important requirements for a good score in competition.

Speed ​​Skating:

The name explains a lot, this modality features running events on roller skates, whether short acceleration events such as 500 meters, 1, 2 or 10 kilometers, or 42 kilometer marathons. In fact, several different formats and distances can exist within a competition. Skates are normally fitted with a slipper boot and bases with 4 110mm wheels or 3 110mm or 125mm wheels.

Street Skating:

It is the most radical of the modality. It consists of maneuvering over track or street obstacles with skates reinforced and prepared for it.

In competitions in general, the degree of difficulty of the maneuvers and their good execution are the main evaluation criteria.


Practiced on smooth concrete or wooden tracks, it involves performing various maneuvers on skates, avoiding cones with a standard distance of 50cm, 80cm and 120cm. The sport has worldwide competitions. The skates used here are of the Freestyle type. The difference is in its base, the wheels are rocked, this means that the first and last wheel of the skate must be smaller than the two in the center, a difference of at least 2mm in the size of these wheels. This change in wheels destabilizes the skate, making short maneuvers easier.

We still have Downhill disciplines, going downhill. Jumping competing for the highest jump. Slide, with brakes at speed in more varied and technical ways. Hockey and more. New posts coming soon bringing details of these and other modalities.

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    Que diferentes formatos e distâncias podem existir nas competições de corrida de patins?
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