Go Roller na Argentina!

Go Roller in Argentina!

Skaters Diego Rachadel, Fernando Pitoko, Felipe Zambardino and Nicoly Machado went to the World Skate Games 2022 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the world championship of sports on wheels and "Nick" was one of the representatives of Brazil for the Brazilian street skating team.

In the competition, Nicoly put on a show. It secured 5th place in the two categories in which it participated, Park and Street, thus guaranteeing its place among the 5 best in the world.

Nicoly Machado - Top Torque Soul - Photo: Diego Rachadel

Buenos Aires is a surprising city with many points to highlight. The architecture preserves the historical heritage with huge old buildings that take your breath away, while modern skyscrapers are highlighted in various parts of the city.

For skating, Buenos Aires is a paradise, whether on the street with several obstacles in the streets or in urban skating, the flat city guarantees long distances with quality asphalt and sidewalks passing through several amazing places with all this architectural context that we mentioned previously.

fernando pitoko - photo diego rachadel

You will find some of these moments on our social networks and also on the skaters' social networks.

On our YouTube channel there is also material produced in the land of brothers!!

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