3 perguntas importantes pra se fazer antes de comprar o primeiro patins!

3 important questions to ask yourself before buying your first skates!

Here we have put together five questions and answers that could help you choose your first skates, or maybe even your second, or third lol.

1 - How much can I invest? The value filter is important as there are some characteristics and parts of the skate that can make the value vary considerably.

2 - What type of skating do I intend to develop? Figure skating, slalom, street, freestyle, hockey, urban speed... knowing what you expect in skating can help you find the perfect skate to accompany you in your progress within your expectations.

3 - Can this skate support my weight? Some skates support up to 130kg or more and others not so much. Some even support it well, but for good performance it may be recommended to change the wheels. In some cases, the skates can support a weight of more than 100kg, but they may be too flexible at the ankle. For people over 100kg, the ideal is always a skate with a very firm grip, such as the HD Inline RT or Fila NRK.

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