2ª Etapa Circuito Catarinense de Patins Street 2022

2nd Stage Catarinense Street Skating Circuit 2022

Sporting events as a whole were greatly affected due to the pandemic, and Patins was no different.
Gradually and following various safety protocols, competitions are returning.
On September 17th, the city of Itajaí in Santa Catarina hosted the second stage of the Catarinense Street Skating Circuit.
The competition, as always, was organized by FCHP Street (Santa Catarina Hockey and Skating Federation),
This is the year of “we’re back”. Organizers, supporters and sponsors are preparing for 2023. Diego Rachadel or as he is known, Toco, says ´´although we had a selective Brazilian championship in terms of organization and structure, there was an engagement of the sport mainly in Santa Catarina, So all care with this is essential. He is one of those responsible for the Santa Catarina Hockey and Roller Federation.
More than 70 athletes participated in this second stage. The Catarinense Circuit will have another stage on December 10th and will distribute numerous prizes. The competition is not new in the south of the country, but it has gained strong names for the competition, as Toco explains, “In the last two years the sport has gained strong names for both male and female competitions, such as Nicoly Machado, Ana Julia and Laurinha” .
Big names in the sport are participating in the championship, Felipe Zambardino, Gabriel Nunes, CJ Carvajal, André Veloso, Leonardo Bem 10, Nicoly Machado and Yasmin Wolf are some of them.
Another new feature will be announced soon, the holding of a Special event with LIVE transmission in the last stage, carried out by a renowned partner and supporter.
Initially Rio do Sul, Itajaí and São José are on the radar to host these competitions.

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